Buyer's Home Inspection

A buyer's home inspection is the most common of all home inspections and one of the most important diligence items a buyer should perform. It is a visual inspection of the structure and components designed to ensure all systems are operating correctly and to ensure they aren't unsafe.  A complete Buyer's Home Inspection is completed in accordance with the Texas Real Estate Commission's (TREC) standards of practice, which include inspections of the foundation, drainage, roof covering materials, roof flashing, roof structure and attic, exterior and interior walls, floors, doors, stairs, fire place, plumbing faucets, drains and ventilation, electrical panel, electrical receptacles, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, heating and air equipment, appliances and even the door bell. Upon completion of the Buyers Home Inspection you'll receive a detailed report of the homes potential problems or safety hazards.

Pre-Sale Home Inspection

A Pre-sale Home Inspection  is similar to Buyers Home Inspection and is conducted in accordance with the TREC standards of practice. The main difference is that Pre-sale Home Inspections are conducted for the seller of the property.  It's intended to point out any potential problems or safety issues that may be resolved prior to listing the home.  Pre-sale Home Inspections prepare the seller to leverage the home's true value and appeal to today's buyers. Upon completion of the Pre-sale Home Inspection you'll receive a detailed report of your home's potential problems or safety hazards.



Warranty Home Inspection

A Warranty Inspection or 1 Year Warranty Inspection is a home inspection conducted on brand new homes. Similar to a Buyer's and Pre-sale Inspection, a Warranty Home Inspection has more emphasis on proper building practices and techniques. It's recommended that the home inspection is completed close to but not exceeding the 12 month mark of the homes completion.  As the builders generally only give a 12 month warranty on their work. Upon completion of the 1 Year Warranty Home Inspection  you'll receive a detailed report of your new home's potential problems or safety hazards

Maintenance Home Inspection

A Maintenance Home Inspection is a home inspection that is recommended to be conducted every 3 to 5 years.

Maintenance Home Inspections main objectives are to assist the home owner by preventing costly repairs down the line, and identify any potential safety issues by spotting small problems that could escalate into major issues.  Maintenance Home Inspections can also identify any areas that need immediate attention to help you protect your investment and keep your family safe and comfortable.  Upon completion of a Maintenance Home Inspection you'll receive a detailed report of you home's potential problems or safety hazards

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